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  1. I downloaded a video with ismdownloader. After the dowload was complete, ismdownloader failed to mux the files.
    Now I got two folders with fragment files (fragments aac and fragments video). How can i mux them to mp4?
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  2. There is some other utility that will assemble smooth streaming segments but I forget what it is.

    Were 100% of the audio and video segments downloaded? Was the manifest downloaded? Does ismdownloader not detect the segments already downloaded if run again?

    Another option is to setup a local server and put the manifest and the segments there (so that they don't have to be downloaded again) and then try ismdownloader again but using a url to the local server. This may require editing the manifest, but usually not. Make sure that ismdownloader is run with full privileges in administrator command window. The lack of administrator privileges is usually what causes muxing to fail.
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  3. Problem solved!

    Due to a line break in the Windows editor, the code was not completely copied and pasted into ismdownloader.

    Nevertheless, 100% of the audio and video segments were downloaded by ismdownloader. But he could not mux the files then. The output name was missing.
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