Hi There, I'm using a D Link Modem with an Android 4 Media Player on a 4 Mb ADSL line.
I have no problems streaming videos on Netflix and Amazon.
However, I downloaded a few free streaming TV/Movie Apps. Some content plays well some will not play.
Perhaps an example will paint a better picture.
On the App Movie HD, I tried playing for example "Suits" The following sequence of events happens.
I get given the option of using Google File Server or Google Direct Server.

If I choose Google File Server, I get the message "can't play this video". However, then a browser page opens with the address; https://drive.google.com/file/d/[I] string of numerals and letters/view.
A new page opens with a freeze frame of the video. I hit play and the screen goes to black.

If I choose Google Direct Server, there is no "can't play this video" message, but a new black screen opens with a white circle going round and around in the middle but no video loads.

Yet it plays some programmes like "Supernatural" perfectly.

Can You help