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  1. I click on paste link and then download it when it shows mp4 options,etc. but after a while maybe when parsing it shows Error: can't download also I have cracked version installed version is and I'm 80% sure it doesn't say buy to get more than 25 videos downloaded or channels. And the last clever option is I try to download the same link as a video I downloaded before so its the same video I download which I downloaded before. So I paste that in and it still says the same error - Error: can't download. How to fix this? I don't like it and there's no way I'm removing my awesome cracked version. Because I'm a crack master. I don't buy sh*t like that ya know. Anyway I turn on Smart mode now and it still says the same thing error it's annoying and I need a solution real quickly because I hate waiting. Thanks for understanding me! Turning off my VPN doesn't work anyway I think. Preferences nothing wrong with that but pretty sure won't change anything. dunno what to do. I NEED ASSISTANCE WITH THIS CRACKED PROGRAM! Please I just wanna download my tupac shakur songs.
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    Assistance for a cracked/warez release ?

    Not here you won't.

    Expect the topic to be closed soon.
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