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  1. Hello.

    So, I'm trying to record this stream

    I get a list of m3u8 files, all with the same name like this one:

    but when I try to download the video, I fail miserably

    I've tried ffmpeg, youtube-dl & livestream, but all I get is the 403 Forbidden error

    IDM helps a little, but all it gets is 30s long files, it kinda sucks to press download every 30 secs
    any chance this can be automated? TIA
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    Can you play the m3u8 in VLC?
    Perhaps it can save it to your HDD? I think the downside to this method is that it's done in realtime,
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  3. thank you for your reply, but unfortunately VLC desn't work either. All I get is "Your input can't be opened:"
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  4. I seem to have the same problem with this one as well

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated
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  5. use the broser inspector and check network for m3u8 file
    [Attachment 45340 - Click to enlarge]

    then play with streamlink
    streamlink --http-header Referer= 'hls://' best
    [Attachment 45341 - Click to enlarge]
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  6. thank you for your help.
    Unfortunately I'm unable to use streamlink, no matter what version I'm trying to run (even w/out any parameters) all I get is
    "failed to create process"
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