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  1. I got two subtitles: one is synced but not in my language, and the other one is in my language but out of sync. (No constancy.)
    The first subtitle has 250 lines, and the other one has 380 lines.
    Is there any way I can syncronize these two subtitles, so I can get a synced subtitle in my language?
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    With an automatic process, I would say is pretty impossible...
    You would need to have the same number of lines to use the time codes of the subtitle that is synced.
    Wouldn't it be easier to sync the subtitle in your language? There are several free tools that can do that for you in no time, like Subtitle Workshop.
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  3. Iím unaware of any software that will sync a 380 line subtitle from a 250 line subtitle.
    If you havenít already I would convert your foreign subtitle to your language. SubtitleEdit makes this easy. Although these conversions are never exact (sometimes never even close) it might help when finding a common sync point. Iím assuming you have tries all the techniques to sync the subtitle, of which there are many.

    Just for kicks what is the name of the movie and what two subtitles are you using and where did you get them.
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  4. Hi, dear all.

    @ rowjekto

    I never tested such site below and can't say if does really works or not, but you can try it:




    More information:

    Best regards.

    devil (johner)
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