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  1. I installed StreamLink using the Windows installer.
    Now I am using StreamLink to download some streams.
    By default, Streamlink saves downloads to my "C:" drive user profile folder.
    I would like to change this behavior.

    I know you can edit the configuration file ("streamlinkrc") to create default behaviors.
    So I would like to create these two default behaviors:

    1) Save all downloads to a custom path: "E:\StreamLink"

    2) Automatically generate filename for new downloads, at the new download path.

    I looked at the StreamLink documentation, but I can't find any way to accomplish either of these tasks.
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  2. Right click on your download folder and select properties, then select location and swap the location to where you want it to go.
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    I usually used the code for save download with a custom path to D partition or E partition as below :

    streamlink "m3u8link" best -o "E:/video.ts"
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