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  1. hi

    looking video that looks like it needs ip of brazil other wise i get forbidden message from youtube dl

    i can get the m3u8 and can play with video in browser with firefox when using brasil ip, what i need to know how do i use the ip with youtube dl to download the video

    the site is

    ip brazil iam using
    PORT: 3128

    youtube-dl --proxy .3128 (THEN URL OR M3U8)

    can some let me know what is wrong i can play with video with ip but cannot download it, maybe it the wrong youtube dl command

    thank you
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  2. Did you notice there is a space between the IP address and port number in your proxy spec? And the port number should be separated by a colon, not a period. The 360p video can be downloaded with:

    youtube-dl --proxy ""
    I got the URL of the mp4 with a browsers Developer Tools (F12). There's also 480p and 240p versions.
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