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  1. Hi guys! I've had no success running VirtualDub, for some reason it's complicated to me I've been searching everywhere for the Windows version(s) of CinePak Pro codecs without any success. If anyone has it available somewhere that would be a real life-saver! Apparently, the output quality is noticeably better, but who knows where the codec vanished to!

    Also, I did encode some video that plays on 68k Macs using Xmedia Recode w/no additional codecs I used MJPEG @15fps, yay! (although the audio codec I picked did not appear to work on my 68k Mac, darn!) but I'd love to add QuickTime Seven's codecs to XMedia, but I don't know how (or if) that's even possible!

    Anyway, I hope everyone's well and staying safe!

    Ps. I did learn that video inside mac games was largely done with a product from rad video that resulted in videos encoded with the .smk (smacker) format and extension. the audio and video quality are superb! the only issue is that the encoded videos only play with their 68k mac video player. So here's the 68k-compatible encoder I found that worked, along w/its 68k FAT player for Mac games called Smacker is here and a few references to CinePak Pro are here and here (I think everyone knows where to get XMedia Recode!)
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    I know this thread is old as all heck but I went to the effort of converting the music video for 'Sicko Mode' into Cinepak. If you're wondering how I did it, I used Shotcut (my video editor of choice) and got it to work with Cinepak (somehow). As the bits per sample on the audio is only 8 bits, it sounds like there's static in the background constantly, however it's fine. I'll put it on my Google Drive, for anybody who may want it. I don't know if the aspect ratio being 16:9 is going to be an issue, let's hope it isn't. If it is then I can make a 4:3 version pretty easily. It did take quite a while to encode, which (according to another reply) was due to a high bitrate.
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