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    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to the forum.

    I ask your help for VHS capture.

    I have to turn VHS to digital. I bought the VC500 and i use cyberlink Power Director.

    The capture work well but sometimes, the capture stop. If some line appear when capture the VHS, the capture stop. I've try to uncheck the drop frame and the 2 automatics stop options. On the VHS, it's an inspection of a pipe. When the recorded the VHS, sometime they make a pause. But, it's not all pause that make the capture stop.

    In my opinion, the capture of the video should not stop from beginning to end.

    Can you help me with that ?
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    If you search this forum for "TBC," you will find many explanations and advice. You need another device between VCR and VC500.
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