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  1. Hello
    I got surveillance footage mailed to me on a dvd. The file is .60d format. I am usually good at googling my way to a solution but I couldn't figure out how to play this video.
    There are apparently 2 softwares by GE security company which can play these. I tried installing both and neither installed correctly. The softwares seem outdated, one of them said compatible with windows 98 wtf?
    anyone know how I can play this type of video?
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    Well I also did a quick Google.

    You do normally need that software to play the video. However, if the person who sent you the disk has the software he can copy the video through the software to disk in such as way that you do not need the software to play it. Makes kinda sense since any third party(police etc.) is not likely to have the software but would need to see the footage.

    So go back to the source and tell them to do the transfer again. The correct way.
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