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  1. Hi guys.
    Does Potplayer have any option for display video in fullscreen mode without scaling original resolution or image stretching?
    I.e. displaying 720p video on 1080p screen in windowbox with black frames?

    I can't find something like this, and always when i set fullscreen, Potplayer resize original image.
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  2. I can't work out how to get Potplayer to do it.

    For MPC-HC, View/VideoFrame/Normal Size (the default is "touch window from inside")


    press the 1 key (on the main keyboard, not the numeric keypad). That'll give you just the video with whatever else is running on the desktop behind it, rather than black borders. You can drag the video around. Press 3 to go back to normal mode (they're under the View/Presets menu)
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