Hello friendly forum,

So I have finally broken down to post to this forum in the hopes that I will finally resolve my issue. Before my words get lost in my poorly written and described issues I thought I would let everyone know what I have done so far in the hopes I do not have suggestions for troubleshooting I have already done.

-Reinstalled Drivers
-No Chrome or Skype running
-Used OBS 32 bit
-Connected to my Xbox One through HDMI
-Capture card is connected to PC through the USB

Ok so now for the issue. I did have the avermedia capture card work once with obs. Here is the shocker, it worked with obs 64 bit version. OBS saw the stream engine, captured the device and streamed away. Once my stream was over i turned off my computer, unplugged the capture card and went to bed. Went to work, came home to start streaming and poof. no more stream engine being seen by obs.

So I though ok, let me start trouble shooting. I can not ever get an image to even show up in the RECentral. What I mean by that is when I use the one click settings in the capture menu the program detects and shows the image in the tiny window on the screen. Then when I act like I would like to record through the RECentral applicatioin it will show the image for an exact second and then go black. Yet when I check my gaming monitor I can see the game, no lag or flickering.

When I open stream engine I can see the program detecting the signal through the HDMI input like it should. Yet there is no image. In fact when I go into OBS it does not even see the stream engine. Not in 32 bit either. The only time I can see the stream engine is when i open OBS 32 bit as an administrator, WTF? But even then I do not get anything. Not a black screen, a red screen, literally nothing. It will open a window in obs that is extremely tiny, like the tip of a pen. And yes, i have clicked the source to make it full screen and nothing.

So please, any help would be greatly appreciated. And just to clarify, I have fully (ie checking processes and program files) uninstalled OBS and anything avermedia. I have fully uninstalled and redownload the programs so many times in the last 24 hours that I am pretty sure they have given me priority access to their servers.

Thank you forum

Yours truly,