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    I was watching a disney dvd "coco" with VLC player on windows 8, and the audio keeps disappearing. I have to select a different audio track and back to make the sound come back. This happens every few minutes. I'm using the latest version 3.0.0. vetinari.

    Then I tried another DVD, Thor ragnarok. It works better but the audio still disappeared once.

    This plus the fat subtitle bug that has been around for years make me want to look around for another dvd player.

    I looked in videlhelp's software pages but there is no "dvd player" category. The closest is video player, but not all are designed to play dvd disc.
    I googled "best free dvd player for windows" and every web site has their own different list of best players. I suspect the lists may be influenced by the kickback they are getting.

    Any suggestions? I'm even willing to pay a small price if it means fewer bugs than VLC.
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    I bounce between VLC and MPC-HC. Both are excellent players. Depending On how the disc was authored I've had one play it fine but not the other. If the disc has purposeful bad sectors (I.E. Enders Game) you will need to use a actual licensed player as it reads the disc more like a standalone player would. The one I use in that case is PowerDVD
    if all else fails read the manual
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