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  1. When I put a DVD in my PC Windows says the DVD is blank. This is an old movie that wasn't released on VHS,DVD or Bluray. Would like to restore it with Avisynth but I can't since Windows says the DVD is blank. I played the DVD in a DVD player and it plays fine. Is there a way to get the movie off the DVD?
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    As an interim move use MakeMKV to put it in a MKV container. Won't re-encode or shrink size in = size out. At least you will have it on your hdd.
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  3. Thanks. That worked. Never thought to use it since Windows, VideoRedo and DVD Shrink didn't see the disc.
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    If that hadn't worked, ISOBuster should have been able to pull out anything that was put onto the disc.

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  5. It sounds like your DVD is a DVD recorder disc that was never finalized. ISOBuster does a great job on non-finalized discs. Good to hear that MakeMKV may be able to handle them as well.
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