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  1. I was just wondering if someone could tell me why, transferring a 30 minute video from my pc to my iPad, to cut out the ads and saving it is quicker, than doing the whole thing in tmpgenc on my windows pc, less than 5 mins vs over 40 is quite the difference.
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    Could the difference be due to the fact that output from iMovie usually looks like crap? I don't know of anyone who recommends iMovie for anything, it's as junky as Windows Movie Maker. Or maybe you're doing something wrong with TMPGenc.

    Of course if you like iMovie's output better.....
    - My sister Ann's brother
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  3. The output seems fine to me 1gb file compared to tmpgenc 600mb and the transitions from where the commercials used to be from one scene to the next, seem to be a lot smoother as well. Donít forget that iMovie just like any other software gets updated regularly, it mightíve been terrible in the past but it seems ok now. What I was thinking is that maybe iMovie just encodes the parts of the video that have changed and tmpgenc encodes the whole thing, hence the longer time.
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