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    Hoping for some mighty region free rights activist to put up a confirmed working solution for this. Samsung BD-J7500/XU - Locked to Region 2 DVD. Just need the DVD region unlocked. I did see a previous thread on this topic but as the replies indicate, it just doesn't seem to work for the Region 2 set players: - even if someone could confirm that it just can't be done, I'll just go return it and buy a cheaper region free 1080p DVD player. Samsung and 4K UHD can take a hike.
    When I reach the "No Disc" stage, I enter the unlock code as mentioned in the thread (tried every code listed) but no number (2 or 4) is displayed on the screen anywhere. Have even just tried assuming the number is there somewhere in the ether and pressed 9 anyway and restarted the player. No luck. I have fast fingers so definitely completed the steps in 3-4 seconds. Firmware version 1010. Does it have to be before before the "No Disc" message disappears? It lasts only 2 seconds. If it has worked for someone, it would be tremendously helpful if you could put up a video on youtube.
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    Try calling the number on the back of your machine
    The customer help line
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