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  1. I need a simple video editor/encoder software that allows me to create small files.

    I want to make a video that includes some images and an hour long mp3 audio file... it's an interview in mp3 with the size of 50 MB.

    I know it's possible to cram it into 100 MB or so. I saw some of those videos on Youtube.

    I've tested some video editor/encoder softwares and I'm sick of trying and always getting the wrong one.
    I've tried Movavi Video Editor 14 and it turns out to be 3 GB.....

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. If you're comfortable using command lines, I'd suggest ffmpeg.
    It's free and there's lots of examples on how to use it floating around on the internet.

    If the mp3 is an interview (mostly speaking, not music),
    you could possibly lower the bit rate to make that file smaller.
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