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    I have been using called program called Erics Movie Data Base I have been manually adding adult videos I have added close to 550 videos. It is a massive pain in the ass to add adult videos to EMD I am done with with. I am looking for a easy to use program that can add video with a decent scraper. I have played around with Pornganizer I could not do anything with it so that is out. I am looking for something that is closer to EMD for adding adult videos what do your recommend??
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  2. A great thread on this is here:

    A piece of software I wrote that may be a beautiful fit for your request is Video Hub App

    It extracts screenshots for each video and lets you browse your collection even if it's not connected to your computer (on an external hard drive or a network drive). Hope you give it a try! It's also open source:

    A great place to search for alternatives is here:
    Creator of Video Hub App
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