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    Hello! I want to add subtitle tracks or audio tracks to 3D Blu-Ray .isos without losing menus or extras. Is there a tool to do that, or any way whatsoever to do it? I have tried multiAVCHD, but it doesn't support the 3D part. I tried tsMuxer, but no luck. I tried ripping the iso to folder with DVDFab 3D function, but that just transforms the movie into 2D. Any other ideas?
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    How specifically did it fail with tsmuxer? The subtitles didn't add? I'm working on a similar project, but am only trying with the video file, and adding audio track. For the 3d it is a bit complicated as you have to open the Blu Ray via the MPLS playlist so you can then make sure the correct left and right video stream files are selected, and add the track files there. I'm not sure if you could do it with everything.

    I haven't tested mine though as I'm out of media, and doing it as an AVCHD didn't work with the 3d... Got 2d only.
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