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  1. Hi, hoping someone can tell me where to find what I need. I have a very old monitor, Sanyo SMT-190 color composite crt type. I want to test it out so I can sell it but need to take pics of it with a signal going to it. But neither my laptop (hdmi) or my older computer (scart, vga, svideo) have this single composite video jack. I'm attaching a picture to show what I'm seeing. That's it! Man I really miss Radio Shack. Any links to the correct adapter and suggestions of where to get it near Wash DC/N VA would be most appreciated. Thanks!
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  2. Don't you have a cable or satellite box with composite out? An old VHS deck? Camcorder? If you have to buy a can converter you'll spend more money than you'll get for the monitor. This is about as cheap as it gets (VGA to composite):
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