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  1. Hey guys, I hope someone can help me out. I'm getting a bit frustrated here. I'm trying to set up my PS4 Pro to work with this HDMI switch. I'm pretty sure my dad and I have everything connected correctly, but the problem is i'm only seeing 1080p on our Sony XBR55x930D, supports 4K HDR and the game i'm trying to play is Resident Evil 7 Biohazard which is a PS4 Pro enhanced game, meaning it is HDR capable.

    I've switched the cables around, played with the setting on the TV and PS4Pro, I just can't get it to the HDR setting, like it's greyed out and it wont let me. Any help is appreciated.
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    Do you have a ps vr? If so just know it will disable hdr unless you plug you ps directly into the tv -
    also check what hdmi port you are using. the hdmi 1 port on many uhd tv is where the hdr option works on . its usually the first HDMi port for most 4k uhd tvs.
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  3. Yes, I have a PS VR that I connected also. Ok, thanks for the advice, I'll take a look and try your suggestions.
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