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  1. I'm stumped on how to get this thing working. I've installed Microsoft .Net Framework as well as Microsoft Visual C++ Resdistributable, and I've correctly configured the settings so the frontend knows where to find youtube-dl.exe (which has been placed in the same folder as Youtube DL Frontend). Yet for some reason the application tells me it can't find msvcr100.dll, which I understand is part of the Microsfot Visual C++ Redist. I went ahead and repaired the installations for both Microsoft apps as well. Where am I going wrong? I've used youtube dl with this GUI in the past with great success and I'm not sure what I'm doing differently, although I did recently reformat my computer. I also have ffmpeg in my program files folder. I've experimented with placing youtube-dl.exe in the ffmpeg directory as well, but it didn't work. What are y'all doing to successfully use this mofo? Thanks.
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