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  1. I am looking for a free option to cut a piece off of the beginning of some videos in MKV. I don't want to recode if possible? I just want to cut the piece out the I don't want and preserve the quality of the video. What are some good free video cutters?
    Thank You
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  2. Just want to add some background so you have more info. I just got "The Office complete series" and I am ripping the DVDs using Handbrake to 720p30 MKV X264 files (the default option). I am playing these through Plex media server. I was not able to strip the annoying Universal 24 second clip from the beginning of each episode while encoding. So I need either a good program like handbrake that can strip the Universal clip from the beginning or a cutter to remove the universal clip without losing quality. I want to do all of this using only free programs.
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  4. This works good Thank You
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    Originally Posted by thomast77 View Post
    I am ripping the DVDs using Handbrake to 720p30 MKV X264 files (the default option).
    J.H.M.L.Christ,. another dude who doesn't know what "rip" means. Where do clowns get this information about "rip? I'd like to rip through some sites and rip the names of the authors who rip info like this into their websites. Excuse me, I'm going into the kitchen now to rip myself a sandwich.

    Really annoying.

    That Plex server must be a pitiful POS if it can't play MPEG2. Now it's being lossy encoded and resized twice, and 50% of the original is thrown away. Brilliantly destructive b.s. Where does this crap end?

    End of rant. Carry on with the demolition, kiddies.
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