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  1. Hi there,

    Can someone recommend a quality software for transcoding 3D MVC or at least a muxing tool that will allow for muxing into two m2ts files AVC and MVC?

    To give some context I have some 3D MVC blues that I'd like to create quality compressed versions of to store on harddrive for instant playback. I really like the quality that RipBot yields and its customization features so here is what I have for my workflow but looking to see if it can be improved.

    1) DVDFab to rip MVC (m2ts files) onto harddrive from disc
    2) Tsmuxer to demux audio and subtitles
    3) DVDFab MVC Codecs to create L/R separate and uncompressed streams from ripped MVC source. Eyes can also be swapped if needed.
    4) With Ripbot run compression passes on separate L/R eyes without audio and subs
    5) feed compressed L/R streams to DVDFab MVC codecs to mux SSIF output ISO (only available option for frame packed output)
    6) DVDFab again to get MVC (m2ts files) of the compressed streams from ISO
    7) Tsmuxer to mux back the audio and subs from source with compressed MVC video to create final ISO.

    You may be wondering about steps 6 and 7 but that's because in step 5 MVC codecs does not allow to add audio and even if it did the L/R streams that are being fed need to be MKV which will cause issues with TrueHD audio. Then there's also the issue with SSIF (ISO) that MVC codecs generates that can't be opened with Tsmuxer so by using the ISO again with DVDFab the resulting m2ts files I can open in Tsmuxer and add the missing audio/subs demuxed in step 2 before making the ISO.

    Also, I know of BD3D2MKV3D but can anyone tell me how's the quality and what the output is if mkv is unchecked in the settings? However, I'm still leaning towards RipBot because of its great distributed encoding feature which really speeds up encoding.

    Anyways, if anyone can suggest some better solutions for MVC transcoding then I'd love to read about them.

    Thank you in advance and have a splendid weekend!

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  2. Sorry for the late reply. I'm the author of BD3D2MK3D but I visit this forum rarely.
    Originally Posted by tommy2010 View Post
    Also, I know of BD3D2MKV3D but can anyone tell me how's the quality and what the output is if mkv is unchecked in the settings?
    BD3D2MK3D encodes in h264 (AVC) with x264 or in h265 (HEVC) with x265. They are relatively slow encoders, but unbeatable for their quality. You will certainly not find a better encoder, at least at a reasonable price. Also, note that the final quality is up to you. You can even encode in lossless mode (CRF 0 or CQ 0), but of course, the final file will be extremely big. Anyway, x264 and x265 have the best quality vs file size ratio.

    If you don't tick the "Mux to MKV" option, you will have to mux the file yourself. IMO, muxing to mkv is today the best option (Never use the outdated and extremely bad AVI format!), but I've added that option anyway for the peoples who want full control on the content of the final file, for example to add some external attachments or streams, or to edit the stream labels manually. You can also, if you prefer, edit manually the _MUX_3D_OPTIONS file with a text editor, even after having launched the encoding, to change its content, and let the program mux the MKV file when it has finished to encode. That option may be useful also if you want to author the SBS or TAB video as a BD disc. In that case, you have to use x264 in BD Compatible mode, and of course, the final MKV has no interest for you.

    I've created BD3D2MK3D with the maximum quality and power in mind (perhaps somewhat at the price of simplicity), and it is usually considered as the best program to encode to 3D SBS or TAB. In the other hand, RipBot is relatively simple, but not at all specialized in 3D, and I doubt that it can, for example, convert the subtitles to 3D like BD3D2MK3D.
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