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  1. "merge lines with same timecode" is great! But subtitle edit can convert only one file . Is there any way to batch convert subtitle files by this function ? Thank you very much.
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  2. Same question, I have many files that have lines that need to be merged, but I can't find a batch option. Is there a different way/software that has a batch mode?
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  3. Tools->Batch convert
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  4. Yeah I use the batch convert option for other things, but the "merge lines with same timecode" isn't available in "batch convert".
    All I could find in the "fix common errors" option was "fix overlapping display times", but it strangely doesn't fix all the lines, unlike the "merge lines" option.
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    There is "merge lines with same timecode" in the batch convert,make sure you hae the newest subtitle edit.
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  6. Oh great, I did have an older version. Thank you!
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