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  1. Hi all, I am converting VHS tapes (family home movies) for a customer. Instead of wanting DVDs in return, he provided me with an external hard drive. My software creates VOB files, so I will need to convert them to either MPEG 2, 4 or MP4 (right?) to make them more user friendly. Question is, which of those should I choose? I do not know what he will use the videos for -- whether he'll want to burn some to DVD himself, just have them to watch & store on a computer, or if he'll want to upload them online. What is the most user friendly format then? Storage is not an issue since he gave me a brand new 4TB drive. Thank you.
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    VOB segments for DVD Video already contain MPEG-2 video, they are MPEG Program Stream containers. PC software media players will play DVD Video structures (the whole \VIDEO_TS directory content) from harddisk just fine.

    If you consider producing MPEG-4 video formats as well, then please, do not convert from the VOBs, they already have a limited quality. Instead, convert from your capturing master files. I mean ... I hope you captured into a lossless video format first, before producing VOBs, I hope? Or did you simply use a VHS-to-DVD recorder?
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    Or did you simply use a VHS-to-DVD recorder?
    That's the impression I get. I also don't think the DVD should be converted if that's all there is. If a DVD isn't acceptable, make MPGs out of them without further reencoding and loss. If the guy wants to make DVDs from them later, no reencoding then either.

    skwnmkr could just ask the guy what he wants. If DVDs aren't acceptable, then invite the guy to go somewhere else to have his tapes digitized.
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