So, I grabbed the latest version to use on my laptop while I'm away. But I seem to be having some issues with it. Obviously, I'm not at home to test these things with my desktop, so perhaps it is my laptop and the way I've set it up. I've now tried three different times and three different folders.

I am able to download videos just fine unless I select "Custom" and then use --all-subs. If I do that, it doesn't seem to do anything. If I remove the --all-subs and select "Video" then I seem to be able to download just fine.

I am also wondering how to clear the settings of the GUI. One time I set it up for "Static" and it shows "youtube-dl.exe" in the folder "\youtube-dl.exe\youtube-dl.exe" which it isn't so nothing starts. If I delete the the GUI and try to start over, it remembers the settings and I am unable to change the path in settings since the box is greyed out. I can't even delete the path nor can I change it. Which seems strange and odd to me.

Any way, I'm hoping someone might know what is going on and provide some clues to what I need to be doing. Thanks!