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  1. VirtualDub is 32bit...VeeDub is 64bit
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    When I click on Help/About it says that Veedub64 is the 64 bit version for AMD64.

    Never used it before, didn't know there was a second version of the app in the folder. I just assumed it
    was some auxiliary program or other.
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    32-bit application can only use 32-bit modules (DLLs like plugins, VfW codecs, ...); 64-bit applications can only use 64-bit modules.

    Some old modules only exist as 32-bit code and have never been ported to 64-bit code. If it exists in 64-bit code, it can be up to 10% faster just because 64 bit CPU registers are available in twice the width and twice the number, and all code which can be executed inside the CPU (registers and cache) only, without a need to store data in RAM, can run faster.
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