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  1. Hi, I bought my hauppauge gaming edition 8 months ago (ish) and recently when i wanted to start using it again, it would never record my xbox 360 audio. I've tried many different things that people have said but none of them have worked. I don't know whether its a hardware or software thing.

    Basically, when I record using obs or hauppauge capture software it would never get the audio coming in from the xbox. I have the settings on correctly (i'm pretty sure) and my audio in is set to HDMI which is what i use. If there is a thread where this is already answered please link it to me. It's very annoying and I don't know whether I should just return it due to the warranty it came with.

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  2. You mentioned when you wanted to start using it again .. so does that mean you did have audio at one point? I don't have an Xbox so I can't help much but it's most likely an Xbox setting.

    You can test your HDMI input if you hook another HDMI source with sound to your HDPVR and try that. If it works then your in business and you can start troubleshooting why the xbox isn't delivering any HDMI sound. If it still doesn't work it's likely there might be an HDMI sound setting on in your sound preferences (you didn't mention what operating system you are using). So it could be something to do with your Digital Audio HDMI properties? Maybe disable it if it's enabled or enable it if it's disabled? I read somewhere people have had luck disabling it for some reason.
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    I had problems with my HDVR2 audio, an echo that garbled the sound.
    I ended up going to the audio 'Volume Mixer' in Windows and turning off one of the audio inputs.

    You should also be able to see the audio there in the display when it works,
    even if you don't hear it with the PC speakers.

    My HDVR2 also has a separate audio input if you have the cable,
    which I don't, so never used it. I got it used off Ebay cheap, but with no cables.

    I just use it for recording video online, no Xbox. It works very well for that.

    And welcome to our forums.
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  4. Hi, thanks for replying. I did have audio before. However, I think the reason was is that my xbox 360 was slowly dying, as it has now stopped working completely, so I think it was just that the Hauppauge didnt even have any audio to try and capture as the xbox 360 was not transmitting any.

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  5. Appreciated the suggestions though. Im going to buy a new xbox to see whether it was just the xbox's fault.
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