I have been trying to find a piece of free or retail video software which will let me split mp4 song tracks off mp4 files using silence detection in the same way that an audio editor does. There is a plethora of audio editors which can do this with mp3s but I could not identify one video editor with this function for mp4s. Many video editors provide a scene detection function but this is not the same thing. I know I can convert my files to mp3s and then use an audio editor to output an mp3 to which I then have to add a jpg. As I have loads of LPs on mp4 video files, doing it that way is a very tedious way of working. The closest I could get was an audio editor which accepted an mp4 file and produced an mp3 file but I still had to add the jpg and then convert to mp4 video.

I would be grateful, therefore, if anyone could suggest a video editor which has silence detection