I am not really sure as to where to post this question, so this was my best guess.

We purchased about 3 Hyperdeck Studio Pro 2 units to allow us to record procedures from a ceiling mounted camera system. When they were purchase a little over 3 years ago, they were really nice setups. That's until 2 of the units recently quit working - one week apart from one another.

The units were sent in for an evaluation of the issue and based on what we are being told, the issues suggest that the problem is the main PCB. Naturally, the units are out of warranty and each unit will run around $1250 to repair. We are hoping that the third unit will not suffer from the same issue in the near future.

Based on the cost to repair these units, i wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions on less expensive units to purchase. yes, it may be an odd place to ask for suggestions like this on a Blackmagic forum, but figured this would be a starting point.

We have the Hyperdeck units connected to a large screen TV, overhead Vaddio PTZ camera, Extron MVC 121 Plus mixer and a Startech USB 3.0 eSATA Hard Drive Docking Station.

Appreciate any suggestions that anyone can provide.