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  1. Hi I need to help, I use the subtitle workshop version 2.52.RC operating system windows 7 64 bit and almost every video has a shifted sound. Sorry me for my weak English.
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    The problem is probably in your codecs. Install K-Lite Codec Pack and see if that helps.
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    Do you do only subtitles, or muxing video in Subtitle workshop? Open affected file in mkvtoolnix and set in audio shift +/- in milisecond and remux. It is weird and don't see clearly why subtitles program do this. Probably you are burning subtitles to video in it?
    Oh sorry, you have shifted audio in the program, sorry I was wrong then. Probably some container with specific audio codecs are wrongly handled in this program.

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  4. Thanks for installing the K-Lite Codec Pack and the audio is alright. THX
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