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  1. Hi guys!

    I am trying to fix several issues on a commercial (but cheaply authored) DVD I bought.
    I think I managed to deal with all the problems but one:
    in the "Extra Menu" the default highlighted button is the first one, so I need to scroll down to the button I want to activate.
    I'd prefer to have the "next extra" button highlighted instead (e.g. if I play extra #4 then button for extra #5 should be highlighted on the menu).
    I'm sure this can be done in PGCEdit but I don't know how.
    If not too complex to achieve I'd like to have a "Play All" behaviour for the extras too.
    I attached a "light" version of the VIDEO_TS folder, if that can help.

    Thank you.
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  2. I'm sure this can be done in PGCEdit but I don't know how.
    And a bit of guess work on my part:

    After playing eg. extra 4 its post command jump back to the "extra" menu. The system register SPRM 8 has the value of the "highlighted" button number times 1024 eg it could be set to 1 X 1024 in the pre command to the extra menu to always highlight button number 1. You could replace this by using one of the GPRM's to calculate the value for the next button by adding 1024 to it (provided your buttons are numbered consecutively) and with a modulos to highlight button 1 after the last button has been used and then use SetHL_BTN to set SPRM8

    [Attachment 44566 - Click to enlarge]
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  3. Thanks, I'll see if I can figure it out.
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  4. It seems I can't.
    Could you provide a step-by-step guide?
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  5. I don't know about step-by-step but say you have VTSM Root menu with a submenu as your "extra" menu . On the submenu are 6 button to select extras and a button to return to the root menu. If you use gprm(1) to hold the value to to be used in SPRM(8) (Highlighted button) then the highlighted pre commands below could be used (Instead of the mentioned modolus operation I use a simple gt 6*1024 (=6144) to highlight button 1 after button 6).

    [Attachment 44594 - Click to enlarge]
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  6. If the button you want to highlight in a specific menu is always the same (in other words, if you don't want it to depend of what has been played first or of the previous menu), then you can force the button that will be pre-selected.

    Just open the menu viewer, then click Edit to open the Menu Editor. Be sure to tick the "Advanced" option in the bottom left corner of the menu editor window. You will see an option "When the buttons are displayed, force the selection of ...". Usually, this option is set to "button in sprm(8)", allowing a SetHL_BTN command executed before the menu is entered to specify the button to highlight (the method explained by videobruger above), but you can also set it to any fixed button number. In that case, sprm(8) will be ignored, and the specified button will be pre-selected each time the menu is entered.
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  7. @r0lZ
    Thanks to you too.
    Nope, I don't want the highlighted button to be always the same (which is pretty much how it is now). I'd like to have the "next extra" button highlighted.
    At the end of extra X playback the button highlighted shoud be the one for extra X+1.

    Well, thanks anyway.
    Problem is I don't know the "language" used in commands so it's almost impossible for me to follow what's going on.
    Without a step-by-step guide I lose my way.
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  8. You could try this.

    I've changed the highlighted command

    [Attachment 44613 - Click to enlarge]

    to this

    [Attachment 44614 - Click to enlarge]

    which I believe does what you want.

    A modified is attached.
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  9. It almost works.
    I had to repeat the selection twice to get the right button in some cases (i.e. after playback of extra #1 I got the button #1 highlighted, I had to playback extra #1 again to get button #2 highlighted. Same with extra #5).
    I would like to have the "next extra page" button (button #10) highlighted after the playback of extra #9 (as it is now it returns to button #1).
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  10. I would like to have the "next extra page" button (button #10) highlighted after the playback of extra #9 (as it is now it returns to button #1)
    Change "9216" to "10240".

    [Attachment 44621 - Click to enlarge]
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  11. Maybe I am missing something but it doesn't work.
    As I said, sometimes I have to play the same clip twice to get the right button highlighted. More than that, I discovered that if I change the button manually the whole thing becomes unpredictable (I selected button #8 and after the clip playback I got button #5 highlighted instead of #9).
    I think I'll leave it as is.

    Thanks anyway for your help, much appreciated.
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