Hi everyone,

Can someone recommend software for encoding 3D MVC either two separate m2ts files (base h264 stream and MVC) as output or a 3D MVC ISO? Thus far I've been doing this with DVDFab but for its best option it only allows to compress based on locked BD size such as BD-25, etc. There are no options for custom bitrate or fine tune the encode. Also, the output is not the worst but too much on the soft side than I would like.

I read somewhere that Handbrake can do a framepacked MVC output. Is this true and if so how do you set that up? I thought that Handbrake can only do 2D and obviously further encoding of SBS or OU can be done too but that I'm not interested in.

Thanks everyone.

Hi Atak_Snajpera (hope you're reading this),

I've been encoding video with Ripbot264 and thus far really like the results both with h264, h265 and also tried a UHD conversion from HDR to SDR. Additionally, the distributed encoding feature is really something special. What I'm wondering, would it be possible to have the software also capable of encoding 3D MVC video with the output being 2 m2ts files (the base h264 and MVC) or 3D MVC bluray ISO? Being able to do distributed encoding of 3D MVC coupled with custom bitrate and tweaks would make your software that much more powerful. Thank you in advance.