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  1. Hello All, i am newbie here but have been reading and taking from posts of others on this website.
    Dear All, please in the name of humanity help me on how to download videos on my pc from i do not want to trade them but i want to use them for my educational purpose.
    Here is a link i want
    Please guide me from basics as i do not know the command line things. Also i am outside the UK.
    Please help me guys
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  2. I couldn't figure out how to download the video with the usual software, however, if you have good internet you can screen capture. I used Debut free screen capture.
    Link to software:
    Link to screen captured video:
    Also I used ip software (like hideallip) to get UK ip. Otherwise the video wouldn't play.
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  3. Thank You dear, i am highly obliged by your help but unfortunately, when i go behind VPNs, i do not get good browsing speed hence that buffering goes on which results in bad recording.
    Any one can please guide me to a good software that can help me or that command line downloading step by step. Please note that i have already used all the known softwares like getflv but had no luck.
    Please help.
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