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  1. I have a lot of MKV files that I created from my DVDs so as to be able to have a single source for my multimedia PC to play from. These were created via MakeMKV which was great for that purpose, but I'd like to further compress the files a bit. I've done a few with Handbrake, but I have to pick the audio and subtitle tracks for each file I want to convert. Is there a setting in Handbrake (or another program) that will just compress the files while retaining all the contained audio/subtitle info of the sources?
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  2. Yes. In the audio and subtitle tabs you can set the default selection behavior. Move "any" language to the right and tell it to match all such tracks. Select auto-pass thru so they aren't reencoded. (There were some bugs in HandBrake 1.0.7. I suggest you download and use the HandBrake nightly instead until a new stable version is released.)
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