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    I've been having a problem getting a .scc caption file to import into my authoring software on any content encoded using Media encoder.
    If I use a different encoder I don't have any problem, but with media encoder it's like it masks out line 21 where the caption file imports.
    I asked a couple friends that use media encoder for more general post production work & they setup the caption file in premiere then export into media encoder.
    When I've done this I've been able to burn a dvd with captions, But you cant turn them off.
    Anybody else using Sonic Scenarist for authoring ever run into this? I'm not sure if this same issue would happen in DVD Studio Pro.
    Any incites and/or suggestions would be appreciated.

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  2. Hi Dan. I would say welcome to the forum, but I don't think you have come to the right place. I could be mistaken, but I am not aware of any Scenarist users on this forum. Given that this is well known, high end pro software, I would say you are not getting your money's worth in terms of tech support/training. My advice would be to reach out to tech support or the user forum.
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