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    Hi, is VSDC capable of after editing HEVC h.265 codec 60fps video files can also save in the original format? What are the best result settings & is the out come better if changed to lower frame rates? How much of a degradation of video quality after editing if any? Can AVC h.264 convert to HEVC h.265 codec? Thx, all advice is appreciated.
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  2. Hi Wilson,
    If you're talking about the original format, then of course. Simply add your file using the "Import content" button and the same settings will be applied for the project.
    And while we're still on the subject, you can choose 100% quality in codec settings. If you decrease frame rate, the video won't get better/worse. Yet, if you make 30fps out of 60fps, you're likely to lose half of the frames, that's it.
    On the output, the video will be decoded anyway, however, you can make it as close to the original quality as possible.
    Re: Can AVC h.264 convert to HEVC h.265 codec - yes! Here is a how-to video to help you.
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    I can see, that GoPro HEVC files will import to VSDC, but what are the settings to playback footage in VSDC?
    As VLC plays same video smoothly, VSDC can't do it (To be accurate, plays, but scene by scene - unusable).
    Or, am I missing some setting?
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