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  1. hi

    i used to ask this questions on other forum but it's offline now .

    the problem right now is that when i browse through videos my flash video downloader plugin does not find mp4 extension ,files were big enough i used to play them locally after grabbing the link.

    at this moment i see "src not found" on the bottom of video container . obviously i don't know if the problem with my browser media extensions or that site owner made the mp4's hidden . it's not really free site , you have 60 seconds a day to grab the video files before you reach the limit .

    through last year i managed to watch videos via vlc , there is a sister site and it's still shows the videos with old method , i do obtain them by waiting about 5 seconds till the native video player load mp4 file then i copy the link into media player.

    i'm afraid if he no longer host/have the real files because i noticed 301 redirect to google with blank content inside the , often when i encounter this i changed my ip and problems were solved .

    the mp4's looks like this

    site name is off-cams , i hope someone help me .
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