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    Originally Posted by Christopher2222 View Post
    No custom choice. But if you selected source it would capture whatever the source was so 720p set to source would capture the normal 720 resolution size whatever that is. .

    Click image for larger version

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    There is 576p choice in the picture. Will you please click its dropdown list and check if there is 720 x 576?
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  2. Ok, so this is scaling the video to lower resolution than the source is providing.
    The drop down box you show provide these options
    640 x 480
    649 x 360
    480 x 360
    480 x 270
    There is another window which I haven't been able to find in my installation that should summarize all the settings, some properties window from format settings probably of an earlier version of Hauppauge capture. Here is the view which should hopefully provide you with more insight.

    It should auto-capture your source. Sorry if I am not clear. Let me see if I have this correct .... it sounds like you have a source that is 575p, ok no problem I think the colossus 2 will capture that as is. Then it sounds like you want to change it to a normal HD size of 1280x720. For that you will need some kind of video scaler software.
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    The Properties window gives me some idea.
    But there is a last thing I want you. Can you control the upper dropdown box too please? Because if there is 576p, or 576i, there must be 576 somewhere?
    Thank you for your help.
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  4. No, there is no 576 option in the drop down but setting it to source would be your 576 anyway. I think it will do what you need.
    I will summarize. It can do an immediate MP4 capture with a short period of finalizing while it adds a header to the mp4 container - likely 2 seconds.
    You can set the bitrate from (I'm not sure what the minimum is but I think you could go down to 0.5Mb/sec up to 13 Mb/sec) and when set to variable the max bitrate will actually go above 13 to I think 20. But constant bitrate max would be 13. Pixelation will be noticeable if you set it to 1Mb/s. Synchronization is not a problem, as I mentioned earlier boosting minimum CPU frequency from 5% to 90% seems to have fixed any video hesitation and unchecking 'disable AC3' audio seems to have fixed all audio dropouts - not that I need the AC3 audio but it does capture 6 channel audio in all my captures.
    I've got mine set up with HDMI, there should be no differences if it's hooked up through composite to your VCR or camcorder except for your audio hook up, it would be different.
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