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  1. I want to use FFMPEG to merege multiple audios and one audio file that will contain all of them .

    Each audio file have some delay from the start - lets say that the first audio start 30 seconds after start ( the first 30 seconds will have white noise )

    And the second audio file will start 90 seconds after start.

    Each of the audio length is 35 seconds.

    How to do it ?
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  2. What kind of audio is it?
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  3. the kind of the audio is simple wav files.
    i try to use this

    ffmpeg.exe -report - -i "Storage\\1.wav" -i "Storage\\2.wav" -i "Storage\\3.wav" -filter_complex "adelay=30000|30000" "adelay=91000|91000" "adelay=151000|151000" -c:v copy "Storage\\ALL.wav"

    but i get an error

    "count not write header form the output file - Error init out stream 0:8"
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  4. For WAV files it's easy to get rid of the delay entirely using DelayCut.

    Or, can't you append the three audio files together to make a single file?
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  5. yes and no ... i want to append 3 audio files together but between each file i need to have 30 seconds delay - and yes .. the output is single wav file

    But i need the code that doing it because i need to make this marge from my code
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  6. Hello,

    I am using Mplayer command line tool to gather information from different files.
    When the parsed media contains a video stream, it is possible to specify the numbers of frames to read with the "-frames" option? It has to be at least 1 frame in order to get the applied aspect ratio; but when there is no video stream, like MPEG Elementary Stream, the only possible way I found to stop audio playback is to stop the process manually by pressing the 'q' key. How to stop audio playback after a specific time with MPlayer???
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