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  1. I have video file (*.avi) and audio files (*.wav) that i want to marge to ine avi file.

    The wav files are marge with some delay ( work fine )

    But in some cases the audio files are longer then the video stream and i getting currapted video file that contain only the audio - and i can't see the video.

    When i try to separate the audio and the video from the currapted video output i got the good video file and good audio file that i can use ( see the video and listen to the audio )

    I don't know if its possible to keep the audio and video in case the audio is longer on the delay that the video file.

    Beside this, When i adding the audio files ... the video is less time .. i mean that if the video without the audio is 14 minus => after the audio is 13 minus
    ( when its not currapted )

    Here how i marge the files ( audio and the video )

    ffmpeg.exe -report -i "..\\merged.avi" -i "Storage\\1.wav" -i
    "Storage\\2.wav" -i "Storage\\3.wav" -filter_complex "adelay=30000|30000"
    "adelay=91000|91000" "adelay=151000|151000" -c:v copy "Storage\\ALL.AVI"
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  2. only 1 thread please

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