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  1. Hey guys,

    I'm 100% new to trying any of this and all my current knowledge is googling the last two days so I don't have much experience in what I'm doing here.

    I'm trying to take video off a retail DVD so that I can reorder certain things. I initially used Handbrake and libdvdcss to rip the DVD onto my hard drive. Then was going to use DVD Flick to burn that video onto a blank DVD. When I tried to do that, DVD wouldn't recognize the mp4 Handbrake had ripped and I was unable to add it to the DVD Flick program.

    So then I tried MakeMKV to create a MKV file of the same video. This time, DVD Flick recognized the file and I began the create dvd process. After a few minutes though, I received the error "-1encodeVideo: File was not encoded". It's very vague and since I'm googling all my answers I can't find exactly what I've done wrong.

    Any help with this process, even if it involves using different programs (willing to pay if it's a real professional product) to take video off DVDs and put them on blank ones would be really appreciated.

    Thanks in advance everyone.
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    In order to rip a commercial disc that you own to make a backup but reorder the content you first need to decrypt the disc to your hard drive using a variety of available programs. Like DVDFab or DVD Decrypter, very old and may not work with modern encryption used on DVD's or DVD Shrink equally old. Look up decrypting DVD's.
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