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  1. Hi,

    I'm using the PRO version of VSDC and I'm having difficulties trying to put a fade out effect within a photo timelapse (sprite)

    The photo timelapse is contained in a sprite. Then I just insert a video effect -> fade out, but it simply doesn't work. I've tried to put this sprite into another sprite and try to add the fade out outside the sprite, still no good.

    Can anyone help me? Anyone tried to use a video effect in a photo timelapse?

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    Here is a method that works for me:
    - Click on the Sprite
    - In the Properties window, look for the "Sprite object settings" section.
    - Set 'Use as container' to No
    - Set 'Show effects' to Yes

    You can now right click on your Sprite to add the 'fade out' effect. I am using version and I have to move up the 'fade out' effect using the layer controls to have it show-up correctly.
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    I was having the same problem and took your advice, but it didn't work. When I selected NO to container, a black screen came up
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