Hello all,

I have a movie made with Sony Studio 12 (Win. 7) in this movie I have several (19) chapters marked with the little orange chapter markers.

I've made my Sony DVD Architect menus. Running the full movie from the "full" button works great.

But I can't find the way to "lock" these individual chapters to its corresponding chapter button. So only Chapter 1 plays when I click on Chapter 1 button, and only Chapter 2 on Chapter 2 button, etc. I used the SET IN and SET OUT but all the buttons only play the LAST chapter with IN and OUT used. Looked for an "OK" button, but nothing. Nothing in Properties showing individual chapters, only the full movie or menu pages, no chapters that I can click on

I have checked all over youtube, but can't find anything useful about accomplishing this task, mostly making bottoms for full, individual videos.

Sure could use some help. Thanks in advance!! (Scratching My Head)