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  1. I have some video that i want to add ( on the video display ) some time counter that will show the time form the start of the clip.

    How to do it ?
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  2. Without transcoding you can't add anything to video, you can receive similar functionality by adding subtitle with time but then you fully depend on your player subtitle capabilities.
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  3. My app does all kinds of video playback stuff.

    When zoomed out and no remote control there is a jiggle at the beginning and end of each clip.
    I was doing drag race 1/8 mile video (i had a remote)
    my app has the ability to start 1/2 second in and play 1 second short of the total length.. Eliminating the jiggle...

    I would shoot 200+ runs in a day.
    If there was one that I wanted to immediately find after the download.... I'd shoot an extremely short clip which is easy to find...
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    If you mean you want the player to simply show the frame number for the video, then the solution will depend on the particular player you are using. The players will know the frame count, but they may not expose any mechanism to allow you access it. Assuming, they do then you just need to display it on a text overlay above the video.

    If you want to embed the frame number in the video itself, so that it will be show on any player when the resulting video is played back, then you can use ffmpeg drawtext filter ( to do this. See here for an example:
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    You can use FFmpeg to encode (ffplay to view) as beau8420 suggested and you can also use AVIsynth. Most players support .AVS files, at least Potplayer, Wmp, MPC-BE and FFPLAY that I tested so far.

    The following video uses 2 script, one commented out in my example and one not for displaying frame type and time of frame in microseconds if you wish.

    #BlankClip(width=640, height=480)
    #ScriptClip("""subtitle(string(current_frame/1), size=200, text_color=$ffffff)""")
    #AssumeFPS(1).ChangeFPS(30000, 1001)
    #Trim(0, 1799)
    FFmpegSource2("c:\users\bud\desktop\250.mp4", atrack=-2)
    ShowFrameNumber(scroll=true, x=10, y=100, font="Arial", size=30, text_color=$ffff80)
    ShowTime(x=72, y=117, font="Arial", size=30, text_color=$ffff80)
    ScriptClip(Last, """Subtitle("[ "+Chr(FFPICT_TYPE)+" ]", size=(Height*56.0/720), align=2)""", after_frame=true)
    30FPS shown below
    [Attachment 49034 - Click to enlarge]
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