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  1. I have some video that i want to add ( on the video display ) some time counter that will show the time form the start of the clip.

    How to do it ?
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  2. Without transcoding you can't add anything to video, you can receive similar functionality by adding subtitle with time but then you fully depend on your player subtitle capabilities.
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  3. Most video *****s ban me SpectateSwamp's Avatar
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    My app does all kinds of video playback stuff.

    When zoomed out and no remote control there is a jiggle at the beginning and end of each clip.
    I was doing drag race 1/8 mile video (i had a remote)
    my app has the ability to start 1/2 second in and play 1 second short of the total length.. Eliminating the jiggle...

    I would shoot 200+ runs in a day.
    If there was one that I wanted to immediately find after the download.... I'd shoot an extremely short clip which is easy to find...
    Retardant bomber unloads (best video 2013)
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