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  1. That article is about sensitivity, not resolution. You could not tell whether it was one candle 10 miles away, a binary star 10 light years away, or a galaxy 10,000,000 light years away.
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    I know it is not about resolution, but interesting about sensitivity. I know, that eye capabilities are limited, as well as brain capabilities. And also know, that line that has on computer white background and is black (line) say 10 degrees there you can nicely see pixels on usual 1920x1080 resolution, but increase color to say 256 aply antialiasing and pixels that were obvious gone. So it is somehow in relation resolution + ability of recognize number of colors (which is also different in each person).

    Story One friends girlfriend told him, that is nice writing there.
    At the fence. (wooden thing around something)
    Where is the fence?
    There at the building!
    Where is building???
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