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    Hi there,

    Need help from you guys, i have MP4 video which accidentally recorded in 'fast forward' version using GoPro 4. It's terrible since currently there is no sound, the video is super fast and it doesn't allow me to hear any sound at all. Could someone let me know to how to fix/ change this 'fast forward' video format to normal speed format and if possible, to let me hear the sound back? Or is there any online service that could help to resolve this matter? Please, please advise and thank you .

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  2. Do you mean time lapse mode?
    To get a fast-forward shot, you would shoot at your normal frame rate and then speed up the playback in your video editor. So if you're shooting at 30 fps, you're going to get all 30 of those frames to allows them to capture audio while they're shooting that they can use under their video.

    Time lapses, on the other hand, shoot at much slower frame rates. Instead of 30 frames per second, on a HERO4 you can choose to shoot a frame every half second (2 fps), 1 fps, or even one frame every 5, 10, 30, or 60 seconds. The longer the interval, the faster the video will appear.

    So, fast forward is great for shorter time periods, when you want to vary the playback speed, and/or when you want to include audio from the shot. Time lapse is great when you want to shoot longer time periods and don't want to use as much memory to get the shot.
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  3. Such magic does not exist. Timelapse works by only taking one frame of video every second, or every minute, etc. Normal video takes 24, 25, 30, or 60 frames every second. You can't magically re-create all those missing frames. And, if there is no audio at all, where do you think that is going to come from?

    If it is merely sped up by 2x, you could use MVTools2, or any other decent motion estimation software, to interpolate the missing frames. However, most time lapse is sped up by far more than that and the temporal gaps between frames is too large to be able to guess at where all the pixels should have moved in all the non-existent, missing frames.
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