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    I’ve had a Marantz NR1504 for a couple of years at least. As you can see, it was released in 2013 and is no longer made – according to Marantz Tech Support.

    My Marantz NR1504 Receiver recently took an update over the internet. Automatically. And the next time my Linux Mint System booted, it didn’t show video. Dish Hopper and Sony Bluray player work fine. I thought the problem was the Linux Kernel Update that I’d done, so I pulled the machine out of the Entertainment system and attached another monitor to it thinking that I would need to re-install Linux Mint 18.2, but it came up fine with the other monitor. Also, I’ve swapped HDMI cabled and Receiver input ports, and when the Linux system is attached directly to the Vizio Pseries TV, it works fine, in FREAKING 4K no less.

    I called Marantz technical support and after the obligatory cable, input port checks, they confirmed that the recent Marantz Receiver update that I’d noticed a few days ago, changed HDMI negotiation and they suggested that I purchase an “HDMI Restorer”. I asked for a manufacturer and model number for an HDMI Restorer that they recommend and they could not provide me with any suggestions. I suggested that they do more testing with their updates and that my system was working fine and would be working fine if I had not plugged it into the internet.

    Also he started telling me that they don’t support “PC”s attached to their devices. I pointed out to him that HDMI standards are HDMI standards and it doesn’t matter where it comes from, and also pointed out that the video card works fine with my TV. “Yes, but that’s a TV.” Sigh. Seriously?

    Does anybody know of a recent HDMI standard that this update has likely changed? Why would the receiver be less tolerant, or more picky than the brand new 4K tv?

    So I have several questions at this point:

    (1) The Linux System video card is an older model – obviously recent enough to run 4K video, and running the latest drivers – see above. A new video card that will fit in this compact system is about $140. Should I upgrade the video card? Is that likely to fix the problem?

    (2) What the heck is a HDMI restorer? Is that a cheaper solution? This sounds very dodgy and what’s the likely hood that whatever the HDMI Restorer protocol fixes are will be valid for the next Receiver Update?

    (3) Should I just update the receiver to support 4K and the latest HDR [High Dynamic Range] standards, since the TV is to all the latest standards already. What do we recommend for that? Is there a receiver manufacturer that does not hand folks nonsense about “We don’t attached PCs”?

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    The only references I could find for a 'HDMI Restorer' seem to be an amplifier for long cable runs. Really, if so, not likely to be your problem.
    And Very expensive $$$.

    Maybe they meant a HDCP stripper which is fairly cheap and may solve HDCP handshake problems with HDMI.

    I'll let other members try to address question (3)
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